Zikrul Anfas

The Zikir of The Breath

We Humans breathe , so do animals , fishes , jinns – Are the Breaths of the Prophets , Holy Messengers , The Angels , The Believers are of the same with the Unbelievers, those of the Muslims who have not acquired the Divine Breath. Breath is the Most Important Connection that we have today between our earthly body and heavenly realm. Breath is blown from An Endless Reservoir of Divine Breathe or Almighty’s Life Force Bank of Breath. The Treasure of the Breaths is One of The Most Important Subject matter that none has even been able to find an answer up till today and forever till the end of the World. Breathe is the Only connection that we creation have between the earthly sphere and heavenly sphere. Our Body is the receiver of the breathe till an appointed time, the heavenlt transmitting station is the Universal Transmitter of the Breathe. The Breathe is received by the Body through the Nose by the manifestation of a Divine Secret Name – Known only to the Prophets , The Wali of Allah and those Almighty Allah Has given the Wisdoms and Openings. Each breath survives in the body only when the Secret Name is in existence in the body. The Moment the Body is pulled off its Secret Name  – then the Breathe fails to activate the bodily system and therefore cease to exists any further. This results in death of the body. But one of the Main Component of the Body which is called ” The Qalb ” [ The Heart] does not die or get decomposed because of it is a part of the Non Dying Soul. It will remain forever with the Soul. This Heart which is the Non Physical Part of the Physical Heart can be likened to a “SIM Card” in a mobile phone, The SIM Card as the Physical Heart and The Network as The Non Physical Heart. The Transmitting Station as the Roh – The Soul that can Transmit the Life Network no matter where the body is present.

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