Zikrul Anfas

The Power of Zikir Nafas

Zikir Nafas is connecting you to Divine Mercy
Zikir Nafas travels through 7 Heavens and 7 Earths [ 7 petala lnagit dan bumi] All rewarsd written to you
Zikir Nafas is the Perpetrator of all compassions and Divine Attention
Zikir Nafas is the activator of Divine Blessings
Zikir Nafas is the Cleanser of  The Heart and Soul of all Internal Diseases and Ailments
Zikir Nafas is the Cure and Medicine of all hearts and Internal Diseases
Zikir Nafas is the Connector to the Breeze of the Heaven
Zikir Nafas is the Network to the Divine Presence
Zikir Nafas is the Most Powerful Multiplier of Deeds and Rewards [ Unimaginable as said in Al Quran]
Zikir Nafas is the Composite Power to connect you to the Divine Holiness
Zikir Nafas is the Dispeller of all worries of the Dunya and Physical World
Zikir Nafas is the Negator of all Negative Thinkings
Zikir Nafas is destroyer of all Shaytanic Thoughts
Zikir Nafas is the Repeller of all Nafsaniyah – Ego and 77 Diseases of the hearts
Zikir Nafas is the Puller of all Attention of Angels to surround you
Zikir Nafas is the Light of your way to Almighty Lord
Zikir Nafas is the Guide to the path of the Heaven
Zikir Nafas if mastered will ensure you will die with Qalam Allah
Zikir Nafas if well practised will ensure you will be able to say LA ILAHA ILLALLAH while you die thus you obtain the paradise as promised by the Holy Prophet SAW
Zikir Nafas will make your heart and Breath Live forever in the Presence of Almighty Allah SWT
Zikir Nafas will connect you to millions of Breaths that BREATHES ALMIGHTY’s Name [ Nabi2,Wali2]
Zikir Nafas will ensure you will never be blinded against those Muslims who will be blinded without this Zikir Nafas as each Nafas which is sincere and loving will remove your veils [70,000] of them before seeing the Noor of Allah SWT
Zikir Nafas Will make you to beocme the Beloved of Almighty Allah SWT
Zikir Nafas will make all your ammals Sincere and Loving to Almighty Allah Only
Zikir Nafas is the Only Most Sincerest Deeds in the sight of Almighty Allah
Zikir Nafas is the Activator of Zikir Qalbu [ once done regularly] and then activates the Zikir Roh
Zikir Nafas , Qalbu , Roh will in turn activates the Zikir of the Sirr [ The Divine Secret] that is when you will be really connected to Almighty Allah SWT by your Soul and Heart and The Sirr.
Zikir Nafas is the Highest Reward for A Mukmin Given by A Wali Permanently

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