Zikrul Anfas

The Most Powerful Zikir

The Most Powerful and Effective Zikir is the Remembrances that dominates the Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Plane : its power has a very surrounding impact over all of the above consciousness above it, below it, in it and all around it.

We must understand the power and impact of the Divine Words are truly effective and proven to work at all levels even at the deepest level of the Spiritual plane because it is the highest Name of the Almighty Lord, therefore His Holy Words must have impact stronger than any words of human nature.

Even after consistent Zikirullah if your internal being is not in peace and harmony this means the Zikir is still at the Physical Level.If the problem or the internal disturbances is caused at your emotional level, to balance the negative attack at the emotional level your Zikir must be above the surface of the emotional level floating above the mind of the emotions. If your Zikir is underneath the emotional level, then you will be drowned and affected by the negative forces in the emotional level.

Here you need to notice of yoru further ascension to a higher level deeper than the emotion which is the Mental Frame of Mind and inner being. At this level the power of vibration is very powerful to stabilize the current of negative energies from top to below level of the emotional plane.

Again deeper caution must be taken if the negative internal energy goes beyond the level of the mind entering into the real of inner being at the spiritual consciousness. Then your application of Zikir Knowledge and Wisdom will come into effect.
Shaykh Dr  Ismail Kassim

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