The Wisdom Behind Worship

Why do you worship The Creator?.
What is the Wisdom behind this Worship?.
Why should we worship as what we do now?.

How do you know your method of worship is the true way of worship prescribed by Almighty?. Divine Worship must be prescribed by Almighty The Creator not by the Human Mind. Therefore we have ask ourselves whether they way we pray is what exactly Lord Almighty Wants it or the human perception his mind , his imagination. If we do not worship they way that Almighty wants then none of our worships will be accepted.

Which way of worship is the true, right and Divine Prescribed One?.
If you work for a large sized company you are bound to follow every rules and procedures of the company and your way of thinking , doing will not be accepted on any account during the entire period of working you are under the authority and full prescription of the company.

WE are the servant of Almighty Lord The Creator , we are fully under the Power and subjugation of this Almighty Power.WE should worship the way the Lord Almighty wants and have prescribed to us.

What is the natural Wisdom and Reality of the worship if we know this is the prescription by Lord Almighty Allah SWT.

If these questions goes unanswered then every of your worships carry no taste at all.You have to review the entire way of worship and Divine Concept of Understanding.

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