Your Effort to spread the RISALAH of all the 124,000 prophets and Messengers – The Word of KALIMAH LA ILAHA ILLALLAH, is the task and requirement upon every Mukmin , not muslims who are not believers.

Islam, 4 Kitaabs from the heavens are sent ONLY to impart the KNOWLEDGE – WISDOM _ REALITY OF KALIMAH LA ILAHA ILLALLAH.

I have not sent thee and prophets before thee , except to spread this Message of KALIMAH LA ILAHA ILLALLAH , the entire book is sent only for bringing humanity , muslims , those who believe to KALIMAH LA ILAHA ILLALLAH. [Anbiya – ayat 26].

Keep spreading this Knowledge and Know that You are Spreading the KALIMAH that all prophets and messengers did on this Earth. This is the Only KALIMAH that will provide salvation in Dunya, Kubur, Akhirat Masyaar and Azab Naar. KALIMATUN NAJJATU AZABE KABAR – AZABUL MAASYAAR – AZAB JAHANAM [ Ref -Quran and hadis]. None dispute this Except they are in kufur [ Surah Ashaffat ayat 36]. Whoever Turn away from the Knowledge of the KALIMAH LA ILAHA ILALLAH, which is KALIMAH ALLAH which is also the SIFATULLAH , the Muslim actually has turned away from ALLAH ZAT , actually he has turned away from ALMIGHTY in Kufur.

KALIMAH LA ILAHA ILLALLAH is the Most Important Knowledge to be sought and learnt.Those who do not learn this Knowledge as per the Command of Allah SWT in Surah Muhammad – Verse 19
[ Learn – Know – Seek the Knowledge of KALIMAH LA ILAHA ILLALLAH from cradle to the grave.

Whoever , Die without Learning the Important Command of the ALMIGHTY ALLAH [ which is clearly said in the Holy Quraan ] He or she

  • Will die without Iman but will die as a Muslim [ Al Kahfi-103-106].Kufur Ayatu Rabbil Alameen]. [ Al Maidah – Ayat41] [ Kufur here means turning away , discarding , non paying weight and any attention , belittling , downsizing , giving less priority, brushing off , regarding other matters, business , prioritie s higher than Knowing and ganing faith in Almighty Allah ,regarding Allah SWT Invitation as little and cheap ] – [ Surah Al Imran – ayat 77]
  • This Knowledge is Ocean after Ocean [Kahfi 109 &lukman-Ayat 27]
  • Seek from People of AHLI KALIMAH LA ILAHA ILLALLAH [ Hadis]
  • Those who dont learn this Knowledge they have abondon the Rule of the First Pillars of ISLAM
  • There is no use you build all your other 4 pillars of ISLAM on a weak foundation and fragile web of spider as said in Al Quraan
  • No Ammals will be accepted or all ammals will become dust as said in Al Quran when they are brought before Allah SWT in Yaumul Qiyamah [ Kahfi – 103-107].
  • Those who do not learn this Knowledge – Their Ammals which they think are great,good,pleasing to their own nafs,will be thrown to their faces [ Surah Al Kahfi verse 103] and they are the people who reject the signs of RABBUL ALAMEEN – Because they do not know the ILMU of Uluhiyyah therefore they do not know the ILMU RUBUBIYYAH – ILMU RABBUL ALAMEEN [ Kahfi104- 105]
  • Those muslims who turn away from learning this Knowledge Almighty Allah SWT calls them as People of Arrogant [ Surah Ashaffat- Verse 35-36] I have called many non muslims to the KALIMAH LA ILAHA ILLALLAH , they politely decline because they follow their faith but some listen very interestingly
  • But Muslims whom we call , many rejects our Mission and Calling , Datin Hjah Suraya and many of us have first hand experience on this REJECTION and we witness what Allah SAID is true [ Surah Atawbah – verse 122-123-124-125] – They ask us where are the verses in Al Quraan that refers to the subject of Iman [ who else ask this question other than Muslims the non muslims never seeks Iman and taqwa.
  • Muslims who do not learn this KALIMAH LA ILAHA ILLALLAH , when they die they cannot UTTER THE KALIMAH even if one thousand people shout and open and move their tongue to make them to UTTER the KALIMAH , you can see and go to the hospital and TRY to BELIEVE in yourself that MILLIONS of Muslims will die tonite but CANNOT SAY KALIMAH AS THEIR LAST WORDS – Whereas Allah & RASOOLALLAH SAW has promised Paradise on last words being KALIMAH LA ILAHA ILLALLAH
  • Those who cannot say and doe with this KALIMAHN they have died without IMAN and AQEEDAH IN ILLAH & RABBUL ALAMEEN
  • AND that is more dangerous they cannot answer the Question of Kubur – MAN RABBUKA ?????? Who is Your RABB ? You have hundreds and Thousands of ROBB , This is a leaked out questions and answers are Known , then how could anyone answer this, Even the Kafir can answer one worded ANSWERS . No It is not that EASY , dont be cheated – Go and LEARN this Knowledge
  • Even Allah SWT taught our Holy Prophet SAW this Knowledge for 13 years before the descend of Prayers after miraaj
  • The Holy Prophet SAW taught the companions for 13 years in Makkah and another 10 years in Madinah.
  • IF YOU THINK YOU KNOW YOUR ILLAH , What is then the Meaning of ILLAH
  • ALLAH SWT Says in Surah AL Baqarah Verse 162 – He Allah is the ONLY ONE ILLAH and this Word Cannot be Given to anyone on this Earth except Allah SWT – THEN WHY WE DENY WHAT WE HAVE CONFIRMED BEFORE HAND – This lead us to Kufur.
  • This shows lack of Knowledge
  • The word ILLAH cannot be translated as god as this word is coined by syaitan and Allah SWT tricked [ with Makarr] by reversing the word becoming DOG – you cannot call ALLAH by human or syaitan created words – only by words that Allah SWT Has revealed to the Prophets and Messengers
  • Then what is the REAL MEANING OF THE WORD – ILLAH – This is the KNOWLEDGE THAT every muslims and humanity has to know to seek to comprehend reality.
  • Those who do not Know their ILLAH and ROBBUL ALAMEEN will be doomed in Dunya and akhirat
  • ALLAH SAYS Muslims have no IMAN [ Al Baqarah -8] and [ Al Hujjrat-14]
  • Allah SWT Wants only Iman and TAQWA – Without Iman there can be NO TAQWA – [ That is why the Muslims are empty shells and No divine Support].
  • Muslims who do not Know the Meaning of ILLAH , actually has consumated within his brain ILLAH means TUHAN – and he calls ALLAH hantu dan dog that is why Almighty ALLAH declared that the Muslims who are ignorant about their ROBB and ILLAH is actually WORSHIPPING [ SYAITAN ] – [ Surah Yasin – Verse 60]
  • There is only ONE SOLUTION – [ Learn the Knowledge of the KALIMAH LA ILAHA ILALLAH]. Following the Command of ALMIGHTY ALLAH in [ Surah Muhammad – Ayat 19].

Am in Middle East SubhanAllah people are very excited on this Wisdom and Knowledge of the KALIMAH , While in Malaysia people are overpossesed by taguth and illahal makhluk.

Let us build our Iman , Taqwa , Yakin , Ikhlas , IHSAN , Tauhid , Qurub Illahi , Consciousness from the perspective of our Aqal , Heart and Roh with the Most Powerful KALIMAH which is KALIMAH LA ILAHA ILLALLAH.

Am only Conveying the Message of Allah SWT , dont be upset because of my insistence [ Surah Anfaal – verse 19-20-21-22-23-24-25-26-27-28-29]. Let us chase for the palace Allah SWT Has Created for us , Real Everlasting Palaces [ Allah SWT Promises are TRUE and REAL – The whispers of our heart is unreal , false , destructive].Billions of Galaxies , Stars , Unseen world have been reserved for us , nothing has been created for waste.

Sheikh Dr Ismail

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