Ilmul Yakin

Translation of ILLAH

99% muslims do not know the Translation of ILLAH – the translation is ascribed as GOD which is DOG and in 47 languages we researched the word ILLAH is translated as dirty word , bad word , ridiculous meanings , that is why ALLAH wants every Muslims to learn the Knowledge of the KALIMAH LA ILAHA ILALLAH as in His Command [ Surah 47-19] , Our Shaykh may perhaps conduct a program in USA and Europe together with this gentleman dr qadhi. And for your knowledge ILLAH is not Mabood – because Mabood is [ worthy of worhsips] how two words carry the same Meaning [ ILLAH & MABOOD + worthy of worships ] Absolutely MISLEADING – If one does not learn the meaning , Knowledge of the ILLAH the Muslims will die in kufur of rejecting the call and command to the learn the Knowledge – Save your Iman and Aqqedah in Knowing about the ILLAH before we DIE< if NOT I guarantee you the Muslims will without uttering the KALIMAH LA ILAHA ILALLAH which qualifies him to die in Kufiur and to be gathered amongst the Kafiroon in akhirat as per the Book of Imam Al Ghazali and there is no such a banner in yaumul qiyamah known as MUSLIMS - learn this Knowledge form the lecturers of Honorable Sheikh Dr Ismail Kassim - We also impart the Knowledge of Breath Zikir - Everyday in Ramadan we are open to those who seeks the Knowledge.

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