Ilmul Yakin

The Power of True Thinking

Behind an understanding of any subject matter,there are branches of knowledges,underneath these knowledges,lies the Ocean of Wisdoms,Enevloped in this Wisdoms are Knowledge of Realities, Surrounding and The elemental Embodiment of the Reality Knowledge is the Secrets of All Outer and Inner Manifestations.

Real Thinkers have gone to the height of indepth Secret Knowledge and drowning themselves into the bottomless oceans of these knowledges while Scholars are blinded by the letters and books,these knowledges are revealed only at the dimension of the Heart’s Screen and the Universal Scene of the Soul.Access to these knowledge, before even in day of meeting the Lord , you cant have an opportunity to imagine to see the Face of the Creator.You will see light but not reality of the Lord’s Most Beautiful Face , as we have not attempted to see what was urged to commanded to us to see [ Surah AL Baqarah – Verse 115 – Fainama Tuwalau Fathama Wajhu Llah], which a 50,000 years awaital would cause a great regretful and a deadly loss for Humanity has failed to utilize the Powerful Reservoir of the Brain.
Almighty declared it very explicitly that His KALIMAH ROBB contains Oceans of Knowledges, WIsdoms, Realities of Wisdoms , Secrets and Ilmul Ghaibul [ Surah Al Kahfi Verse 109] and Surah Al Luqman Verse-27.Where are these Boundless Knowledge Oceans of Wisdoms[ In the heart of Ulool Albab – Ulool Ilmu – Ulool Absaar – Ahlul Muqarabun – Ahlul Arifin – Ahlul Yakin – Warzatul Anbiya].

The Books of Divine Knowledge are carved within the endless boundary of the Sincere Servants Heart and Soul.The pages have no beginning and no end. Because it is about the Knowledge of The ONE Who Has No Beginning and No End. The One Whose Knowledge encompass the information of every rain drop form the begining of the rain, every atoms embedded inside the partciles of the dews , the atoms found in Trillions of Leaves all over the Globe.Look beyond with the spectacle of Divine Wisdom and You will see them as clear as looking at the water in a glass of water.

Oh Brothers and Sister of Human Species, we are the Highest of all the Creations , Our Brain can lead our heart to read the scrolls of records in every creations, its wisdoms, the miracles of Almighty, The Power of Almighty, The KALIMAH ROBB Embedded in it.Many more of Knowledge that would guarantee peace, truth, tranquility, happiness and contenment.Seek it if you wish to make Your Lord Almighty happy with you.Look around you in the world of politic and influence those who has access and knowledge of the Leaders , Kings, President and statemen ,they are treated well rewarded well, for just being only a driver or just a caretaker of their gate or even being a private secretary. Knowledge of Divine is much more than that – Seek it before you plan to meet your Lord Almighty. Seek it before your breath come to the last pull or push, then no more chance will be provided.

Dr Ismail Kassim Qoutes on The Power of Thinking ABout Truth & Reality –

” Great Thinker of The Truth are the Diamonds of The Almighty on this Earth”.
” Mankind Achieves Great Height By Thinking Towards Reality and Truth”
” Brain and Intellect has been reduced to become the tool for increasing luxuries and cpaacities of Material Beings”
” Oh Mankind Your Intellect Can Carry towards Height that No Angels can fly to”
” Oh Brain endowed Mankind – See The Power & Miracle of Almighty in Every Drop of Water and Atom of the Creations”
” Oh Thinking Humans Decorate Your Heart and Soul With Gems , Diamonds and Precious Stone Hikmah Wisdom Knowledge
to enlighten your heart and soul, to brighthen them to see the way through to Eternal Life”.
” Oh Mankind , Intellect is the Most Valuable and Greatest Gift of Almighty Lord Given not just to fill the stomach , and build palaces
but to fill the heart and the soul with Divine Knowledge and Wisdom” – The Best of The Palaces are reserved in Yaumul Qiyamah that
you would posses forever and eternally belongs to you.The walls of can transmit 70,000 different metal alloys more radiant than gold
diamond found on this earth> A Samawath Diamond that can emit 700 colors everyday and wonders of Mind can imagine that Divine
Beauty Reflecting The Light of Almighty Allah SWT.
” Activate Your Intellect With Most Powerful Knowledge and Wisdoms of Divine Streaming From the Divine Sources and Broadcasting
Stations of Prophets and Messengers which are found in the atmosphere un earsed for the past centuries but we need Divine Antenna
and Receving Channels.
Follow our weekly sessions On Knowledge of Reality – Knowledge of The Heart and Soul – Knowledge of Truth – Knowledge of
Certainty. The Knowledge of Eternal Vision Fly to heaven with Your Soul. Reach To Communicate to Higher Broadcasting
Centers With Your Universal Heart.

The Founder of The Most Profound Modality of Effective Therapy For the Heart and Soul
If Applied 24 Hours on Your Life will guarantee you peace – tranquility – happiness and success
The Time Proven and Tested for 1433 years and The Leaders of The Time The Messengers.

Join Our Programs that Unveils the Following Lessons and Classes –
Conductor and Main Speaker of the Below Programs – Talks – Preliminary Outlines of the Programs
– ” The Power of The Soul”
– ” The Power of The Heart to penetrate the curtains of the Wisdoms behind every Creation”
– ” The Power To Eliminate All Negative and Evil Powers within our system” Thru Divine
Formula – The Most Effective & Profound KALIMAH
– ” The Power of Love and Mercy To Attract Peace & Benevolence From Divine Realm”
– ” The Power of Internal Communication With Your Soul and Beyond”
– ” The Power To Turn Your Heart 360Degree Of Your Hope and Confidence”
– ” The Power of Influencing Your Hidden Selves To Work in Harmony With Your Heart- Soul”
– “The Power To Harness the Infinite Lights and Strength From The Soul”
– ” ThePower to Guide Your Heart to Control Emotions and Mental Planes”
– ” The Power to influence Your Life and Outlook towards Truth and Reality Living”

All programs are conducted FREE of Charge – No Obligations – Done purely For The Cause Of Achieving Peace – Tranquility – Unity of Heart and Soul – To Combine Force of Truth and Reality – No Political Motive Nor Any Popularity Seeking Excercise.
Knowledge is the Greatest Decoration To The Human Brain and The Greatest Utilization of the Human Intellect – But Only the Knowledge of The Truth and Reality. The Wisdom and Reality Knowledge Guides Yoru Way to Eternal Peace – The Soul Will Drop this Body into the Dust and Will leave into the Next Planet which either will leave in Peace Or in Utter Regret For using this Brain [ for vain pleasure, material seeking requirements only], gear up if you wish to become someone that Almighty will Honor and Accept.

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