Ilmul Yakin

The Knowledge of Reality

The Entire Universe has been given Almighty Creator as a Gift to the Humanity.To enjoy its derives , to entertain his soul with only objective to Find the Truth and nothing but the Reality of all Truth.

If Almighty wants us to become believers He would have dsiplayed words of The Quranic KALIMAH everyday on the face of the skies and also on the moon and then everyday morning the words of His Qalam.

Yet , Almighty chooses to select believers who believes in HIM through Invisible [ Ghaib] means of knowing and looking for Him. He has embedded into every particles and atoms present in this Universe with all His Powers, Miracles and greatest work that no creation can equal Almighty’s power and intelligent.Be it even growing a single strand of hair.

Dont talk about counting the hairs on man’s head, none everborn to this world nor anyone to be born will be able to do that feat of counting the number of hairs on the head.If there existed any man it could have been during the period adam[as] time, because their lifespan was more than 500 years and they had all leisure time to do so,yet they surrended.

Now, how to see all these powers and miracles embedded in every creations begining from an atom to a gigantic planet. No mind can reach to know the Reality and Truth except through The Knowledge of Reality and Wisdoms. And Almighty Expresses this Huge Oceans of Knowledge is available and present from begining of time to the end of time to those who thinks and seeks this Knowledge. This is called the Oceans of Wisdoms given only to thinkers. Therefore in the day of judgement when the entire humanity hundreds of billions of them assemble before Almighty, they will realize why they did not utilize the Most powerful tool, channel , machine of brain endowed to them to explore powers, miracles beyond their ordinary capacities in life, they belittled themselves thus have transgressed the endowment of Almighty.

This Ocean of Knowledge is related By Almighty Himself in Surah AL Khahfi Verse 110 and also in Surah Al Lukman Verse 27.

Where is this Ocean of This Knowledge?. Why did Allah SWT Says He will only give to the Seekers?. Who are the Seekers?. How to obtain the Light to become the Seeker of this Knowledge. How do we enlighten our life through this Knowledge. Read Surah AL Baqarah Verse Number 269.

Explore with us on the Chapter of ” The Ocean of Reality Knowledge on the Capacity Human Thinking Beyond the Unripened Bannana looking like brain.Every saturday and also regular outstation classes.

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