Ilmul Yakin

The Feeling of All & Nothing Of Our Lord

We feel the closeness  of our Breath
We feel the taste of the burger or the favourite foods
We feel the warmth of friendship
We feel the love of the mother
We feel the caring and responsibilities of the father

We feel connectedness of our friends
We feel the excitement of meeting our lovers and beloved
We feel the bite of the ants
We feel and tremble at the sight of snake or a lion

Yet not  even a little changes or difference of feelings enters into our mind, emotions and Soul
When the Name of Our Creator is uttered
The One Who Created Us and Nourish us , Provide all needs for our internal organs
This shows we do nto have at all any knowledge of our Lord.
He is the Mightiest , The Most Powerful, The Most Loving , the Highest The Most Merciful
yet nothing can be felt.

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