Ilmul Yakin

Nothing Is Created For Waste

Billions of Stars created, scientist says every galaxy carries 200 billions of Stars.
More than Few hundreds of Billions of Galaxies are found floating in this ever expanding every moment of the time lesser than seconds.

Trillions of Angels created and being created in more trillions every day till the end of time.
Billions of Human beings are being created. More billions will be created and billions of them were created before from the beginning of the first man.

Do you think all these are created to be wasted and thrown into dust and being fed for the worms and animals underneath the earth.

This mis-perception can never be accepted by any mind that has intellect.

Trillions of Creations from the first level of the sky to the last of the seventh skies.
Are they just fairy tales?.
Please do see through the satellite of your soul, surely you will see them very clearly.
If your soul can travel through the after life world through dreaming channel , it is a million time
possible that your soul can travel through the heavens and paradise and return before you wake up in the morning.

Ask and you will receive the request well delivered into your mind and mental screen .
Join Our Classes Travel through the Soul to World Beyond Your Eyes Can See.

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