Ilmul Yakin

Ilmu Uluihiyyah

Only Those who Knows the Ilmu Uluihiyyah dengan Ilmu Yang Sohih dari Ahlul syahadah witnesses ALLAH as ILLAH and that would eventually turn one into The Witnessing of ILLAHUN WAHID – At this Maqam you are Chosen to the Be the Wali Allah and It is ALLAH’s Power of uluhiyyah that Manifest in the Power of everything and everyone but you would not be able to Witness until we learn the Knowledge of Maqamul Syuhadah – Learn the Knowledge of Witnessing and The Knowledge of LA ILAHA ILALLAH – Surah 47- Verse 19 – The Most Important Knowledge that one is obligated to learn until you breath the last – If not you break your Promise to Almighty ALLAH – Oh Muslims.

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