Hikmah Kalimah

This Post is run by new Brother

This Post is run by Brother Yasin who become a Muslim last year and in the same year he learnt the Knowledge of Kalimah la ilaha IlAllah and took Zikir Nafas after the 3-3-2013 event in Salem and from 10t… See More
Kalima la illaha ill Allah is the powerful comment by Allah….so,we want to follow the kalima la ilaha ill Allah…if u know the correct meaning for la illaha ill Allah u will be a moomin……if u love Allah u will be a moomin..if u r a Muslim Allah will not love u..lets think and ask to yourself..you r a moomin or Muslim…think from your heart..your heart will say the truth…..if u r moomins means masha Allah..if u r a Muslim means go and search Allah…..insha Allah…with the help of Allah am saying this..insha Allah..

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